Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May to-do list!

With (almost) a whole three weeks of no work ahead of me (and hoping it won't be more), I decided to take advantage of all this free time to do everything I have been  putting off because of lack of time.
So, here is my list!
  • Get my car checked - I am doing it today!
  • Ask for my unemployement check.
  • Buy and take care of plants - I want at least basil and rosemary, plus lots of flowers for my balcony and may be thyme. Sage would be lovely too (now I am thinking roasted chicken with potatoes and a touch of sage... mmmhhh....).
  • Take pictures of all the clothes and shoes I have set aside and I want to sell - and of course list them for sale.
  • Have a blood test - I have been putting off this for sooo long! I hate going places without having had my breakfast.
  • Go buy my veggies at the weekly farmers market! We have one every thursday.
  • Take lots and lots of pictures. The town and the valley ae so beautiful this time of the year. Everything is fresh and green.
  • Go visit a high school friend I have been in contact via fb, but whom I haven't been able to see yet. I'll make plans soon.
  • Study music. Then study some more.
And, last but not least...
  • Go to Venice!!! My cousin, who works and lives there, has invited me. I am going on the weekend of the 14th. Can't wait - last time I went was such a long time ago! I want to take so many pictures, it must be beautiful this time of the year.

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