Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dress Your Best - Day 3

First, I would like to say that thanks to the Dress Your Best idea, I have come across so many inspiring blogs, I will never thank enough the chics. On some of them I left a comment, some of them just enjoyed looking at, but they are all from awesome girls! Oh, and... go check out this post - so well written...

Back to business.
The third feature I decided to highlight are my ankles. I don't like my legs very much, but my ankles are thin, so highlighting them makes me feel more slender. I have even a tattoo on one of them (not the one you can see in the picture!), which draws more attention there.
Here is today's outfit:

Shirt - Express
Jacket - Benetton
Skirt - Conbipel
Fishnet tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Alesya
Necklace - friend's present, handmade
Scarf - Random store in Toronto.

Even though they have a t-strap, I think these shoes do a good job of highlighting my ankles. Plus, they are super comfy (I walked a lot in them, today!)

Closeup of the shoes:

And the necklace:


Leanna: said...

What a great idea to be a part of. A real 'take ownership' approach to how we see ourselves and wonderful way to force ourselves to see the beauty.
P.s.-I love a good T-Strap shoe! :)

Mary said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! I love how you've styled them here :)

Academichic said...

You look great!

Thanks for participating in this project, and I agree, that post by Chelsea was awesome. I'm glad that this also introduced you to more blogs you like, it has done the same for me. Thanks again for being part of this!



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