Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly outfits.

Some pictures from last week:
Sweater - Conbipel
Skirt - Conbipel
Necklac - street vendor
Boots - Campanile
I really like this skirt, but it's so loud that I never feel like wearing it twice during the same week...

Sweater - Tezenis
Cardigan - Express
Skirt - Klix
Boots - ?
Necklace - Colleague's mom
I wore an all neutral outfit (I consider jeans a neutral) because I wanted t show off my new necklace. It's 3 strands of silver and black chains, with three pendants. Too bad you can't see it here, but I am thinking of writing a post with pictures of my costume jewellery...
The cardigan is the same I wore last week, which lovely Fiona suggested I should keep - so I did! And the boots are my heeled ones, which I decided I should wear a bit more...

Dress - Upim
Cardigan - Fluò
Turtleneck - street vendor
Boots - Campanile
Necklace - colleague's mom
This is another neutral outfit, and another new necklace, from the usual source. This one is a bit more dressy...

Sweater - very old, like from 5 years ago, from random store
Pants - St. Martin's
Boots - Doc Marten's
Necklace - Target
This is my least favourite look of the week. I am not sold on the gray/dark green coupling, plus I find this pants have such a large leg that they make me feel... stompy? and shorter than I am. Boots are purple (you can't say from the picture), and I am not sure that was the right color, either...

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