Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly outfits

I took outfit pictures 4 out of 5 days, this week, because I wasn't really feeling it on Mon...
Anyway, here we go:

Klix skirt
Conbipel sweater
Frau boots
Tights from Golden Lady? circa 2004
Necklace from street vendor
Earrings from Venice, kind gift from Aunt.
I like these tights, they are really fun, but the rest of the outfit has to be neutral when I wear them. I take advantage of days when I wear my jeans skirt to wear my strangest tights...
Here's a closeup of my earrings. I really like them, but the color is quite difficult to insert in an outfit...

(how cool is organic chemistry in the background?)

Sandro Ferrone dress
Turtleneck from street vendor
Necklace as above
Campanile boots.
This is the same dress I wore here, but I think I prefer it with black boots.

Killah jeans
JCrew cashmere cardi
OOPS from Upim shirt
JCrew brown boots
Target necklace
Earrings from colleague's mom. Here's a closeup:

These are the first ones I bought from her, and I still love to wear them.

Sheat dress from Upim
Tezenis lilac turtleneck
New cardigan from Fluò
Campanile boots
Upim tights
Necklace from colleague's mom
Earrings-can't remember when/where I bought them! They are pretty and brigth; here's a closeup:

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