Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly outfit roundup!

Two pics are missing, since bf was sick and I didn't feel like asking him to get out of the bed to take pics, nor I had the time to play around with the camera...

Dress, Fluò
Skirt, Banana Republic
Turtleneck, Tezenis, Boots, Campanile
This is actually a minidress I am wearing over an old skirt... I think I like the look, and I micht try it for work too.

Shirt + turtleneck + necklace - Rndom street vendor
Keans - Killah
Boots - Macy's, random brand, some years ago
Headband - OVS
Sorry for the white thingie on the sweater, no idea why it came out. I wore this on Sat evening to go see some live blues. Pants are really comfortable, and I didn't mind the high heels too much... My headband with bow was an experiment, and I think I like the way it looks. Mat be the whole ensemble was too sparkly? But it was to go out, anyway.

Turtleneck - Random street vendor
Dress - SportMax
Tights - Upim
Boots - Frau
Just experimenting these tights with this dress. I think I like the result...

Turtleneck - Random street vendor
Necklace - gift from sister
Wrap top - Benetton
Skirt - BR (same as first pic)
Boots - Campanile

Dress MNG
Turtleneck - Random street vendor (again!)
Boots - Campanile
Necklace - colleague's mom

Just wearing the same dress as some weeks ago with different boots... I like this combination better.

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