Sunday, February 14, 2010

Links I liked!

Here's what I loved reading this week!
  • Cafe Fashionista explains how to choose your own "Symbol of Style", something like a fashion signature.
  • eLLa is hosting a blog carnival on Love. Check this out. And this too!
  • The Self Improvement List from my new girl crush...
  • This could be helpful when we are really feeling in a rut with a job we don't love... Check out "How to Heart Your Job".
  • Some advice on how to shop from lovely Gabrielle.
  • And some interesting considerations on the sensitive topic of age appropriate dressing, by Angie.
  • A very schematic and simple definition of simple living, frugality, living green and minimalism by S. Love her writing style, so in sync with my scientific and schematic (and simple) mind...
  • An invitation to not be afraid to value yourself.
  • Some well written suggestions on how to love you commute. Really useful and on point.
  • And I live you with a provocative question from The Demoiselles.
PS - I know lots of the blogs I mention are not on my blogroll... I promise, I'll update it ASAP!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Mermaid fabulous? I just love her blog!

Marta from With Love... said...

These look wonderful, I am definitely checking them out :)

With Love...


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