Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly outfits.

Some pictures from last week:
Sweater - Conbipel
Skirt - Conbipel
Necklac - street vendor
Boots - Campanile
I really like this skirt, but it's so loud that I never feel like wearing it twice during the same week...

Sweater - Tezenis
Cardigan - Express
Skirt - Klix
Boots - ?
Necklace - Colleague's mom
I wore an all neutral outfit (I consider jeans a neutral) because I wanted t show off my new necklace. It's 3 strands of silver and black chains, with three pendants. Too bad you can't see it here, but I am thinking of writing a post with pictures of my costume jewellery...
The cardigan is the same I wore last week, which lovely Fiona suggested I should keep - so I did! And the boots are my heeled ones, which I decided I should wear a bit more...

Dress - Upim
Cardigan - Fluò
Turtleneck - street vendor
Boots - Campanile
Necklace - colleague's mom
This is another neutral outfit, and another new necklace, from the usual source. This one is a bit more dressy...

Sweater - very old, like from 5 years ago, from random store
Pants - St. Martin's
Boots - Doc Marten's
Necklace - Target
This is my least favourite look of the week. I am not sold on the gray/dark green coupling, plus I find this pants have such a large leg that they make me feel... stompy? and shorter than I am. Boots are purple (you can't say from the picture), and I am not sure that was the right color, either...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Links I liked!

I am kind of late this week... but I wasn't feeling one hundred percent yesterday, to write this post... Besides, I had to give the priority to music study, and that's where I spent my little energy.
Now, back to business: lots of good readings from the past week!
Wnjoy your reading!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A couple of outfits...

... because I didn't really take so many pictures this week.

This was to go out for dinner on sat night, at a friend's house:
Faux.wrap dress, Sandro Ferrone
Tights, Upim
Boots ?
Necklace, Target
Earrings, colleague's mom
I don't wear this dress so much, because it is too dressy for everyday, but I really like the colors and the bat sleeves... Same for the boots: they are really comfy, the heel is not too high, but they don't get the deserved wear for some reason...

Random work outfit:

Turtleneck, Tezenis
Cardigan, Express
Skirt, Klix,
Boots, Frau
Tights, ?
Necklace, gift from sister
I am always on the verge of getting rid of this cardigan, by selling it. I had this thought when  wore it for the above outfit, but looking at the picture I kind of like how it fits... I can't decide!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday!

Time to remind myself of all the great things I got...

  • Finally... some sun! It came out shy, but now the sky is clear!

  • Snow in Rome! Not a normal thing: it was long since last time we could see some snow here. Beautiful to see all the pics people took!

  • A cake in the oven, the smell in the house.

  • Good books - and friends to talk about them!

  • An unplanned day off - was so tired today, that I decided to take things slowly and stay home for the day.

  • Window shopping and rummaging through the last sales.

  • Silence and music - not at the same time, of course!

  • Lots of love all around me!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Links I liked!

Here's what I loved reading this week!
  • Cafe Fashionista explains how to choose your own "Symbol of Style", something like a fashion signature.
  • eLLa is hosting a blog carnival on Love. Check this out. And this too!
  • The Self Improvement List from my new girl crush...
  • This could be helpful when we are really feeling in a rut with a job we don't love... Check out "How to Heart Your Job".
  • Some advice on how to shop from lovely Gabrielle.
  • And some interesting considerations on the sensitive topic of age appropriate dressing, by Angie.
  • A very schematic and simple definition of simple living, frugality, living green and minimalism by S. Love her writing style, so in sync with my scientific and schematic (and simple) mind...
  • An invitation to not be afraid to value yourself.
  • Some well written suggestions on how to love you commute. Really useful and on point.
  • And I live you with a provocative question from The Demoiselles.
PS - I know lots of the blogs I mention are not on my blogroll... I promise, I'll update it ASAP!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly outfit roundup!

Two pics are missing, since bf was sick and I didn't feel like asking him to get out of the bed to take pics, nor I had the time to play around with the camera...

Dress, Fluò
Skirt, Banana Republic
Turtleneck, Tezenis, Boots, Campanile
This is actually a minidress I am wearing over an old skirt... I think I like the look, and I micht try it for work too.

Shirt + turtleneck + necklace - Rndom street vendor
Keans - Killah
Boots - Macy's, random brand, some years ago
Headband - OVS
Sorry for the white thingie on the sweater, no idea why it came out. I wore this on Sat evening to go see some live blues. Pants are really comfortable, and I didn't mind the high heels too much... My headband with bow was an experiment, and I think I like the way it looks. Mat be the whole ensemble was too sparkly? But it was to go out, anyway.

Turtleneck - Random street vendor
Dress - SportMax
Tights - Upim
Boots - Frau
Just experimenting these tights with this dress. I think I like the result...

Turtleneck - Random street vendor
Necklace - gift from sister
Wrap top - Benetton
Skirt - BR (same as first pic)
Boots - Campanile

Dress MNG
Turtleneck - Random street vendor (again!)
Boots - Campanile
Necklace - colleague's mom

Just wearing the same dress as some weeks ago with different boots... I like this combination better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Random picture!

... isn't she beautiful???


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I love Thursday!

Time for some weekly love...
This week, I am grateful for:
  • Plenty of books in english I bought last saturday at a HUGE sale. Can't wait to read all of them!
  • Live music with good friends, good drinks and great conversation. The waiter came to us, at some point, to say the pub was going to close in some minutes...
  • Lazy sundays and tortellini.
  • The delicious cherry crostata I made for breakfast... I'll repeat soon!
  • Anonimous compliments sent over the web...
  • Weekend coming soon!
  • 2 for 1 tickets at museums for Valentine's day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Links I liked!

I had lots of interesting and informative posts to read this week! Here are my picks:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Song(s) of the day!

Today more than one. I like to discover new groups/singer, and I just found out three.

Emilie Autums was introduced to me by Luinae. She has a beautiful voice and interesting music style:

Totally different style: the Bullet for my Valentine (cannot embed the video) were introduced to me by a friend. They remind me of someone, cannot yet point out whom.

Mermaid in a Manhole dedicated a blog post to Polly Scattergood. She's an interesting one too, in my opinion:

Polly Scattergood - Other Too Endless from Mute Records on Vimeo.

Random picture!

This is (part of) my earrings collection. It makes me really happy to look at them, because each pair has its own story!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly outfits

I took outfit pictures 4 out of 5 days, this week, because I wasn't really feeling it on Mon...
Anyway, here we go:

Klix skirt
Conbipel sweater
Frau boots
Tights from Golden Lady? circa 2004
Necklace from street vendor
Earrings from Venice, kind gift from Aunt.
I like these tights, they are really fun, but the rest of the outfit has to be neutral when I wear them. I take advantage of days when I wear my jeans skirt to wear my strangest tights...
Here's a closeup of my earrings. I really like them, but the color is quite difficult to insert in an outfit...

(how cool is organic chemistry in the background?)

Sandro Ferrone dress
Turtleneck from street vendor
Necklace as above
Campanile boots.
This is the same dress I wore here, but I think I prefer it with black boots.

Killah jeans
JCrew cashmere cardi
OOPS from Upim shirt
JCrew brown boots
Target necklace
Earrings from colleague's mom. Here's a closeup:

These are the first ones I bought from her, and I still love to wear them.

Sheat dress from Upim
Tezenis lilac turtleneck
New cardigan from Fluò
Campanile boots
Upim tights
Necklace from colleague's mom
Earrings-can't remember when/where I bought them! They are pretty and brigth; here's a closeup:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday!

Time for some love, I think!

  • First and foremost: my boyfriend, who always understands and comforts me when I need it...I feel really lucky!
  • Music at the Auditoriom with an old friend... and it's always great to discover new artists!
  • And on the same note... playing guitar! And even, going to the music theory class: my classmates are really sweet, and the teacher wants me to be his substitute next year, whenever he can't make it to class (yay!)
  • Dark chocolate and red wine, of course!
  • And the book I am reading right now, "Che la festa Cominci".
  • Chilly, sunny days, great to take a brisk walk!
I think there's so much to love!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February goals.

January has not been the best start for the year.
I had set some goals, and I have accomplished most of them, but these last days I have been very disappointed by a person that, in theory, should be very close and loving to me...

So, my main goal for February, is all about gratefulness.
I won't let this one person make me feel bad, and instead I'll focus on all the love and good things that fill up my life.
I was very sad all day yesterday, and that's the worst way to spend a sunday.
hat was enough - now I am on to happiness.


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