Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly outfits!

Here are last week's outfits, Thursday not included, since I was sick...
Oh, and I have a new haircut! The hairstylist went a bit too "scissors happy", and cut a lot, but it'll grow back. In the meantime I am enjoying the short time needed to dry it!

Dress, Pepe Jeans,
Cardigan, random store in Buffalo
Boots, Frau
I wore the dress with a cardigan because it was cold, and because I thought the beige color would soften the loudness of the dress.

Turtleneck sweater, Tezenis
Cardigan, Express
Skirt, Conbipel
Boots, Campanile
Necklace, colleague's mom

I have had this cardigan for a long time, and the skirt for more than a year, but I never tried wearing them together. I think I like the combination!

Cashmere cardigan, JCrew
Shirt, H&M (girft from cousin)
Skirt, Klix
Boots, Frau
Tights - probably Target?

I was looking for a way to wear this shirt - I am not sure this is the right combination, though.

Turtleneck, random street vendor
Sweater, Banana Republic
Jeans, Killah
Boots, Campanile
Necklace, colleague's mom

I don't know why I don't wear this black sweater very often. I really like it, plus it is quite warm.

This week I tried to wear less dresses and pull out of the closet stuff I don't wear too often - mostly tops. I think I did a decent job, and will do it more often!

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Blondie said...

Oh wow I love your new hair cut! I think it looks very chic


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