Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly outfit roundup!

I decided starting posting outfits on my blog too...
It'll be useful to me in a while (I love checking my old outfits from 2-3 yearsago), and maybe I can get some feedback?

Here they are:

This dress is a cheap cheap cheap one bought on clearance at OVS. I liked the asian-like motifs, and the wrap. It's quite confortable. I am wearing it with my new Frau boots.

I wore this dress on Sat night to go listen some live musig. It's something like a belted tunic, very comfortable, and it has beautiful colors. I find it very "seventies". The beauty that I am holding in my hand is a bag my mom bought during the seventies. I love it, but it's a bit too small for everyday use...

This is one of my Sandro Ferrone dresses. Here I tried wearing it with my new boots, since it has also some brown among the other colors, but I think I like it best with black boots.

Another experiment: this is a black sheat dress I love, and I paired it with a wrap top. Quite confortable, but I think I like it best with a turtleneck underneath.

Here I knew I had to go to production dept and I went for my old JCrew cashmere sweater (about 2004) and boots (about same age), my new jeans and a very soft pashmina I got from my mom (can't keep it in the lab, though). The heart necklace was a Christmas present from a colleague.

I built this outfit around the striped tights (gift from sister for last year's Christmas), so I had to keep it really simple: black sweater (Express, circa 2005), boots and jeans skirt. The tights are really louds, but quite fun.

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chelsea said...

cute! you should join us over at the bloganista group on flickr! we post outfits weekly. it's super low-key and fun! have a great weekend.


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