Sunday, January 24, 2010

Outfit roudup.

Here are a couple of outfits from last week. I didn't take a picture every day, so this is all I have:

This dress was an impulse buy from Mango. And I am glad I bought it, since it's very versatile, comfortable, and I have worn it a lot. Purple tights were a Christmast present (last year) from young sister, the turtleneck and necklace are from street vendors. And my Frau boots!

I tried this dress from Max & Co., and fell in love. It's a soft, silky material. It was not cheap, even on sale, but I think it's so well made and flattering that I'll wear it for years. I am thikning of pairing it with some blue cardigan, I should try to find one...
Gray tights are from a long time ago, probably Target, circa 2005. I don't use them much, so they are still new. Turtleneck was a find from street vendor. The necklace was a Christmas gift from a colleague, a very pretty heart with pearls. And the usual Frau boots.

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