Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On January weight loss resolutions

It is already three or four years since I last mentioned "lose weight" among my new year's resolutions.
There are several reasons for that, and none of them has something to do with whether or not I think I should lose weight in general.
I think the january resolution to lose weight puts too much pressure on me and ends up being counter-productive. Starting working again after the holiday season is hard enough, winter is cold and dark, and I don't really need another reason to get depressed.

In the case I have gained something suring the holidays, what I do is
  • start again my regular routine (which involves first of all work, where I really walk a lot, including up and down the stairs, then long walks during weekends, and some ballet classes);
  • buy more green stuff at the market, and prepare/cook it during the weekend, so that during the week I have ready vegetables and/or a soup, and lots of fruit to snack on;
  • avoid buying more sweets, and limit myself to dark chocolate.
Tangerines are so sweet at this time of the year that they really satisfy my sweet tooth.

I find this strategy very efficient: it's like easying on eating normally again, so that my body and brain get kind of "tricked" into this routine.
I find the body tends to revert to its normal weight once life goes on regularly, so there is really no need to sweat on a couple of Kg gained (I'd say: enjoy your meals during holidays, and the company you share them with!)


Kristi said...

I think this is exactly the right approach. I'm doing the same thing.

bryna said...

agree about the pressure. you can only do what you can do!

Anonymous said...

No ma รจ passamaneria e quindi leggera, grazie per essere passata sul blog!


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