Wednesday, January 6, 2010

High and low

I bought a beautiful silk dress from Max&Co. during the first day of sales. It has short sleeves, so in order to wear it now, I need to layer it over something which is long-sleeved. Today I wore it for the first ime, and I picked a black turtleneck and black tights (as that was the best match among all the turtlenecks I own). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best I could do.
So, this afternoon I went in search of a much better matched gray turtleneck. Went to the store, and of course, black and gray stuff wasn't on sale! Took a longer walk than I had planned, and found the gray turtleneck at a street vendor's for 3 €.
It's a decent one, but of course I can'r expect it to be certified organic cotton or silk...
And I was thinking - it's not nice to the Max&Co. dress, to pair it with this cheap stuff.

Then I reflected on this:
I think the high and the low have to be mixed together. Like the turtleneck with the beautiful dress. Or a cheap dress from a street stand with fab boots. Or a great necklace...

This way, the ensemble doesn't look cheap, but at the same time I don't break the bank by buying only brand-name stuff.

May be it's not the most brilliant discovery, but I had never thought about this...

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