Monday, January 4, 2010

An afternoon at the museum.

Saturday afternoon, after I had spent the morning shopping as if there was no tomorrow, bf and I met a friend couple at the MACRO Future, to see the two exhibitions they were having there.
One of them was "Apocalypse Wow!", and it was an ensemble of pop works made, I think to criticize society the artist's way.
They were desecrating and sarcastic, and very, very colorful!
Here are some examples:

From the exhibition booklet:
"Apocalypse (from the Greek apokalypsis): "revelation", "the lifting of a veil," or "discovery" in the literal sense.
And it is discovery we are talking about, revealing finally the forms and the colors of Pop Surrealism, Neo Pop and Urban Art.
Long kept at arm's length by the official art system, these currents, despite everything, came constantly in and out of the daily life of each of us: they became advertising, cartoons, book and record covers, television commercials, newspaper front pages, vinyl toys, fashion collections, objects and good fetishes for the last three generations, and new idols of mass communication and consumption.
With Apocalypse Wow! for the first tme ever a big group show with the most important exponents of the various forms of expression of Young Contemporary Art is taking place in a public museum"
Exhibition and catalogue curated by Julie Kogler and Giorgio Calcare.

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