Thursday, December 24, 2009

The sweetest present.

I was thinking about the sweetest Christmas gift I have ever received.

It was Chrismas of 2006, my last Christmas in the US. I couldn't wait to come back to Italy and finally be together with my bf. But I still had 3 months to wait.

We were mainly talking via skype, because on the phone it was very expensive. And I had some problems writing the italian accents, because there were no keys for that in the US keyboard I was using.

For Christmas we sent each other presents via mail.

In the box I got from him, there were several things: a book, coffee, italian cookies, and this:

It is the key for the "é" and "è" on the italian keyboard.

I loved it so much, because he had remembered our conversation of some months before, found an old keyboard, taken the key and wrapped it in Christmas paper.

It was a joke, of course, butI still think this is an extremely thoughtful and unexpected gift. And I still keep it in full view on the bookcase.

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