Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stuff I want!

I know this should be a solemn day, spent thinking of last year's accomplishments and next year's goals.

But, all I can think is how much I am waiting for Saturday, the start of the sales season here in Rome.
That, and to go pick up the mozzarelle for tomorrow's lunch...
Here's the stuff I need and I am lusting over at JCrew, knowing I'll have to make do with whatever I find in other stores - since there's no Jcrew here
I know I'll find stuff as nice, but I am missing JCrew so much lately... may be I should plan a shopping trip in the US?
Here's the list:

The shirt

The skirt


max said...

For socks/hose there is a wonderful shop in the Campo dei Fiori at the end near Piazza Bischione. My wife wishes she were there now. Dal, near the Spanish Steps will hand make shoes for you and you alone...$$$.
Try Bebe on Vie di Chiavari for Clothing and chat with Zuri.Ibiz hand makes leather bags and belts, say hi to Elisa. Not J Crew, but hand made.

chiara said...

Thanks for all your suggestions, max!
I'll def check out the store near Ccampo dei Fiori, Bebe and Ibiz. As for having shoes made for me... not something I can afford right now, but in the future... who knows!
Say hi to your wife! :)


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