Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some thursday gratitude...

...because, feeling so low, I need to remind myself of all the good things I have in my life!

  • First: it's true I had to spend a crazy amount of money on car repair, but if I did that means: that I have a car, that I had the money to pay for it, that I have a job to earn this money. And none of these is a given!
  • My boss, who never complains if I have to miss work. He knows I do work hard when I need to, so he doesn't mind if I take two hours (or two days) off.
  • Lunch with an old friend, talking of car problems and how much my little niece makes us smile.
  • Christmas is near! I know lots of people get into holiday depression, I know it's a very consumeristic holiday, but the smell of sweet foods, the lights in the streets and decorations in the shop windows make me happy!
  • My new shoes, which remind me so much of the ones Diane Kruger was wearing in the movie "Bastards Apart".
  • A four day weekend, starting this Friday! I'll rest, play music and try to enjoy myself.
  • The smell of good food coming from the kitchen!

Indeed, there is so much to love in life...

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