Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back... and forward!

I am thinking of all I have accompished in 2009. It was an intense year, and the year when I lost my beloved granma. But lots of good things happened:

  • I changed job, and became quite good at the new one. I had never thought I could be an organic chemist!
  • I started studying again guitar! This was, like, the best decision in the whole year! I missed playing so much, and I am happy every time I do it!
  • I got an offer from my music theory teacher to teach some classes next year! I'd love it so much!
  • I started ballet classes again. So tiring but so satisfying!
  • Moved in with boyfriend. Not always a piece of cake, but we both try to work out any disagreements.
  • Almost found a job as a traslator. "Almost" meaning that I have to study the stuff they sent me, elaborate it, then I will be able to work for real.
  • I put aside quite some money in case I lose my job... it makes me feel safe!

My goals for next year are very few:

  • Start caring less and do what makes me happy (that's the most difficult!).
  • Find a job closer to home, in Rome if possible.
  • I'd like to start earning money from music... as much as I like it, I am tired of chemistry. I had enough of it.
  • I want to reconnect to the old friends I think is worth talking to. I remember being very happy to go to high school because of the people that were in my class. I lost contact with most of them when I left Italy, but I think now I am ready to find them!
That's all for now... I should probably read this when I feel the urge to procrastinate...

Happy new year everybody!

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