Saturday, December 12, 2009

Links I liked!

These are some of the blog posts I really enjoyed reading this week!
  • I really liked this post from Sal, because I have always liked the idea of a white button down, but was never really able to wear it in a non-boring way.
  • This is just the kind of posts I love! From Megan.
  • I read this last night, when feeling kind of low because of the unnerving attitude a very close person has towards me (and many others). It really helped!
  • This post is so much fun (and how cute is the resveratol pendant?)!
  • On a more serious note, I found this post very insightful.
  • And in case you are travelling for the holidays (I am not, unfortunately), you'll find this very useful.

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Leia said...

You are right, that was me in the picture! Thanks for sharing that link. Must check out the posts you recommend :)


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