Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How far did I go?

Lovely Gala suggested this is a good time to review our new year's goals, check where we are at, what can be improuved, what is no longer important to us, what we have done we are happy about.

I am pretty happy about how the year has been/is going, but something she wrote really hit me:

What do you do with your spare time? Are you constantly playing catch-up & running errands with no time to relax & just do nothing? Is there a class you want to take? When was the last time you took a holiday? Are you in control of your free time or is someone else?

"Constantly playing catch up" is something I feel is happening way too often. Especially on weekends.
I am home very few hours during the week, so I feel I should do the most out of my weekends. It usually doesn't happen, and it's all my fault. Whether I spend too much time on meaningless activities - time I could use reading, cooking, talking to bf, getting my hands on some creative projects- or I do things I don't necessarily feel like doing, out of guilt -like going to mom's every. single. sunday (very tiring for me as I have to drive about one hour each way, sometimes in the traffic, and by the time I get home the day is gone. I know if I skip every other sun she will be able to survive anyway, and I should probably care just a teensy bit less about what she says and focus on how well and rested I have felt when I have skipped a sunday for some reason) - often it is sunday night and I am more tired than I was on fri, even though I have accomplished nothing! This is definitely NOT being in control of my time!

Also, she says:

How does your body feel? How healthy are you? What are you eating? Do you exercise? Are you drinking or smoking more than you’d like? Do you need a spa day? What positive steps can you take towards a lifestyle you feel happier about?

I eat pretty well, my work keeps in constant motion (hence the physical tiredness at the end of the day), and I think I am well - but every single thing that bothers me I feel in my stomach! This has to stop one way or another, even thought I don't really have a plan for this.

I should probably focus more on what it is really important to me, care a bit less about the others, and I am sure I'd feel less tired.

On the practical side: I have decided to start taking a music class again (it starts in Oct), and if I can find a school close enough to home, a ballet class too.

It is about time!

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