Monday, July 27, 2009

More thoughts on weight

The thoughts on weight and body image I am having these days, all came from a conversation I had with two colleagues last week. We were talking about our boss (who loves to take pics) who was going to come back from vacation the next day.

It went something like this:

P -Boss is coming back tomorrow - he'll have a lot of pictures to show us. Now he's even a photoshop expert!
G - I know: he even showed me the "before and after" pics of his girlfriend!

me: - What do you mean "before and after" pics?

P - He has slimmed down her hips, hasn't he?

G - Yes

me - I'd be furious if my boyfriend did something like that!

G - Indeed, he said she got mad at him

me - Of course!

G - ...and he said:"she knows she has to lose these 2-3 Kg"...

She has what?

She doesn't have to do anything, unless she wants to!

As far as I know, she is at a perfectly healthy weight, so any "refinements" she'd want to do to her figure, are totally for vanity reasons. So, she should be the only one to decide whether she "has to" or not.

I know I'd be mad if my boyfriend would say something like this to me. I think there is more to love in one person, than these 2 or 3 Kg on or off her hips!

Would you be together with a guy who'd tell you something like this?

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Kalee said...

Not only would I not be with him, if a man ever suggested that I would probably throw my drink on him. How rude and inconsiderate.

My husband's very soon to be ex-boss has only one bragging point on his 10 years younger girlfriend and it's how skinny she is. He goes around asking people if they saw how skinny she is. Oh, and he only "allows" her to see him 2 nights a week. Sometimes, no matter where in the world you live, men are jerks.


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