Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two bike rides.

Both started with a phone call with mom.
In Jan, I called her - she told me sister was going to have a C-section: her baby had a very very faint heartbeat.
We left immediately to go to the hospital. I remember riding the bike which Luca was driving, thinking a lot during the ride - what if something goes wrong for sis or for little niece? There was a demonstration, streets were closed, and we had to take the longest possible way to get there.
We entered the hospital, and mom said: Anastasia was born at 6 pm! After a while, they let us in, and I saw for the first time that little thing, and immediately fell in love. And I was so happy riding back home! I was thinking to all the toys and cute clothes I was going to buy for her!

Fri night, mom called me. She told granma had lost consciousness. They were taking her to an hospital in Rome, since it the town hospital, where she was, they couldn't do anything.
We rode the bike there, and I was already crying. But I had stopped when I got there. Aunt saw me and told me - granma is in a coma.
Then, we stayed there a lot of time, but it all seems so quick in my memory. Mom and aunt had to take the decision, wheher they should proceed with surgery or let her die as she was. I they took the best decision.
But after a while, a nurse called us, and told she had a cardiac arrest as they were preparing her for the surgery.
And as I was riding back home, and L was driving, I saw how beautiful Rome was, silent and empty under the full moon. And I remembered of all the times I thought I would love to take granma to see the St. Peter's Cahedral at night, but I never did.
And I remembered her, she was generous with all of us grand daughters. She was the happiest when she was with little Anastasia. She was a difficult woman, but very strong and extremely intelligent. She was wise and we learned a lot of things from her.

I am glad I got to see her before she died, and I am happy she is with granpa now.


Kelly said...

I'm so sorry! It's so hard losing a beloved family member. My thoughts are with you.

Leanna said...

What a lovely expression of remembrance.


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