Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time for some love...

Today I am loving...
  • The girls at work, who are all so helpful even if they don't have to. I am working on something new, an analysis that requires an instrument I have never worked on, and I am learning so much from all of them!
  • Mom who goes to the farmer's market every Thu morning and buys me (and sister) fresh fruit and veggies. She even tailors the content of our bags: she gives zucchini to sis (I don't like them) and kiwis to me (sis doesn't like them, I do)!
  • The restaurant at work. We have free lunch every day, and it's usually a pretty good and filling lunch. I am not gaining weight only because I am walking so much more at work!
  • Granma. I think of her every day. I found the letters she wrote to me when I was in the US, and I can't read them without crying. She was so sweet and loving... Aunt, who was tidying up her house, told me she is going to give me back the letters I sent to granma in reply. I want to keep them all together.
  • New flowers for my balcony!
and lots, lots of other things!


Leanna said...

So glad to read this from you and feel that you are looking at things positively now. I know you had a rough stretch I hope this turn around is for a long time.

Kalee said...

I love the part about your letters to and from your grandmother. My grandmama and I have always written letters to one another, whether I was a couple of hours away at university, or on a different continent. That is the one thing I really want from her house once she's gone....the letters I wrote her.


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