Friday, May 8, 2009

Mad Thursday?

Yesterday started off in an usual way: I got a phone call from the University: they wanted to make sure which one was the mailing address they'll send a certified mail (I don't live in my "official" apartment, but I indicated its address on the application, while I wrote my real address on the envelope). Which means, that the certified mail they are going to send me is probably the score I got at the written part of their selection for a lab technician. If I have passed it, I'll soon have to take the oral exam. Ad I was so glad, thinking "if I have passed the written part, and will pass the oral too, I am quitting this job and going there".
Then, my two bosses came, at different times, several times, asking me to search for some specific papers (which I had already found and read in the last days) and telling them a brief synthesis. It's about something they needed to know for a meeting with a company which had asked them to produce a new formulation: they wanted me to find out the details of the process, possible problems, and whether that was doable or not.
Then, around 4, he-boss came asking me again for a synthesis. I told him everything, then said "if you need, I have the papers here" and he replied "no, thanks, but stick around". As 5 was approaching (we leave at 5) I thought before going I'd ask him if they needed me to stick around for a bit more: they had this meeting at 5, because the company we should be working for is located in another country. But no need for this: at 4:30 he told me I was going with them!

So we walked to the other building, and they introduced me to the company's (our) consultant, which is a close friend of the princess' family. We had a meeting between us, then a conference call with the other company, then they concluded we have to write a proposal.

I am really happy, and I'd be glad if they asked me to write the proposal, or review it after it's done (at least for our part).

So now I am already thinking: what if they call mr from University, and I am so much enjoying what I am doing that I again don't know what to do?
This is so ridiculous that it's almost funny..

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