Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thoughts and ramblings.

The last two days at work were a little better than last week. We were really busy, but the best part is that we are trying to do something none of the other two girls on this project has ever tried, so we are all new to that, and working together to figure out the best conditions.
I really cannot complain about my new colleagues. They are all extremely kind and helpful. Only, I feel left a bit out, because I just joined the group. It was really different with my ex-colleagues, since we all started together...

What really bothers me, is how this work situation is spilling over every other aspect of my life. I am always tired and slightly depressed, so when I get back home I don't really spend time talking with bf or doing things with him, even just a movie or a drink out. And I see he is really helpless: I know he'd like to do something for me, just doesn't know what - and I don't either, since this is something I have to get out from by myself.
I find he really tries to take good care of me. Last Fri it was holiday here, and we went top the cemetery to visit his mom. On our way back, he suggested we go to the beach, take a walk and have something to eat. I had been thinking of going to see the sea, it's like he had read my mind, and I loved it so much!

I started not caring about what I wear, which I think is a very bad sign... and eating perhaps a bit too much, but that may be because I am always standing or walking at work, so I need more food?

I want to resolve to start taking care of my look again, because only good things can come out of it. Then, may be bf and I should deliberately try to go out at least once during the week (excluding weekends, thank God we still do nice things on weekends).
I am really happy tomorrow I am seeing a friend after work. I really need to talk to someone. I just hope we don't end up doing some retail therapy during our little session!

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FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I agree that we all need to take care of ourselves in some way.


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