Thursday, April 9, 2009

thinking back...

I just came back home. It is quite hot and humid outside, and my tights were definitely too warm for this weather.
So, before going to take a walk, I rummaged throught the "sock drawer" to find a more appropriate pair of tights.
And I did find them. I recognized them: I bought them in September, the day before an interview for a job I had in October.
I remember wanting that job very badly, since I had been unemployed for the whole summer, since nobody (or almost nobody) hires during the summer. I was supposed to start a new job in July, but they had blown me off, so I was getting quite desperate.
But I decided I couldn't afford to buy new clothes for the interview. I just didn't have the money. The only new thing I could afford was this pair of tights. I had to make do with what I had.
I remember wearing these tights, with a skirt bought the year before, a bit too christmas-y in its colors. And a top from express that was at least four years old. And black pumps, now too large for me, from about the same age.
If I think of it today, I can't figure out how wearing that stuff came to my mind. If I think of it now, I'd stay it would have been better if I had gone wearing jeans.
But it didn't matter, because I wanted that job, because I needed it.
So, the interviewers liked me, and I liked them. They called me the day after, asking me to go back, to discuss some details. And I got the job.

I am trying to find a moral to this story.

I do think it is important how you present yourself and what you wear. But even more, how you wear it is more important.
I guess I had the confidence to convey the message - I am more than perfect for this job.
No matter what skirt, top or shoes I was wearing.

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