Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meeting the Princess

Today it was a boring and uneventful day at work. Except than for one thing. When it was almost 5, i.e. almost time to leave, we (me and the other girl who is working on the same project as me) got called from our boss.
The Princess wanted to meet, us, since we just joined the company.
The Princess is the great-grand daughter of the company founder, and the company's current owner. As far as I understand, she got married with a prince, hence her title.
When I met her, the first thing that hit me was her aura of calmness and... I don't know... superiority? I can't say she was too nice, but extremely polite.
I immediately checked what she was wearing (a nice gray bouclé skirt suit, which seemed sewed on her), and what kind of bag she had. I couldn't figure out the maker: it was small, red and very pretty. I can't believe I completely neglected the shoes: I don't remember at all how they were!
As my boss was introducing us, she asked why they hired three (another girl was called in the room, still working on the same project) industrial chemists, when she thought pharmceutical chemists would be better?
Great! Is she gonna get rid of all the three of us?
The boss (who is an industrial chemist herself, and who has worked there for quite a qhile) explained that we do know a lot about materials and so on...
I can't say it was a pleasant encounter. I wonder why she was focussing more on our degree than on the kind of work we were doing!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

thinking back...

I just came back home. It is quite hot and humid outside, and my tights were definitely too warm for this weather.
So, before going to take a walk, I rummaged throught the "sock drawer" to find a more appropriate pair of tights.
And I did find them. I recognized them: I bought them in September, the day before an interview for a job I had in October.
I remember wanting that job very badly, since I had been unemployed for the whole summer, since nobody (or almost nobody) hires during the summer. I was supposed to start a new job in July, but they had blown me off, so I was getting quite desperate.
But I decided I couldn't afford to buy new clothes for the interview. I just didn't have the money. The only new thing I could afford was this pair of tights. I had to make do with what I had.
I remember wearing these tights, with a skirt bought the year before, a bit too christmas-y in its colors. And a top from express that was at least four years old. And black pumps, now too large for me, from about the same age.
If I think of it today, I can't figure out how wearing that stuff came to my mind. If I think of it now, I'd stay it would have been better if I had gone wearing jeans.
But it didn't matter, because I wanted that job, because I needed it.
So, the interviewers liked me, and I liked them. They called me the day after, asking me to go back, to discuss some details. And I got the job.

I am trying to find a moral to this story.

I do think it is important how you present yourself and what you wear. But even more, how you wear it is more important.
I guess I had the confidence to convey the message - I am more than perfect for this job.
No matter what skirt, top or shoes I was wearing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Never ending...

It seems like there is no peace for those poor people. Last night there were two more strong quakes, one of wich caused some shaking here in Rome too. One this morning too.
Now we now, when we shake in Rome, it must be really bad over there. The worst part, is that the rescuing people have to stop working for a while because it's not safe, after the stronger quakes.
I really hope this will end soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


There was anothe bit of shaking, about one hour ago here in Rome. Which means that I Abruzzo it was much stronger...
Is it ever going to end?

Monday, April 6, 2009


There really are no words.


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