Sunday, March 8, 2009

Women's day!

Today is International Women's day. Here in Italy is remembered and celebrated more than in the US, which I like. It was instituted to celebrate all the social right women have conquered during the last century. I like to remember than here in Italy, women voted for the first time in 1946, to decide whether we wanted a republic or a monarchic State.
We were talking with bf some days ago - he was saying he doesn't really approve how it is celebrated now: it usually involves going to have dinner with girlfriends and that's pretty much it.

I like to think this is a chance to remember, not to celebrate. To remember how it was before, and what a long way we have came. I realize I am now lucky: I was able to study in the same school as the boys, I earn as much as my male colleague who does the same job I do, and so on.
But at the same time I want to remember that in many parts of the world women are still considered somewhat less than men, don't have rights, are just "baby making machines".

It's all good, but much more has to be done!

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