Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly to-do list.

More than for the week, this list is mainly for the next 2-3 days... Here it is (I post it here, so I won't loose it!)
  • Sign the job contract (on Thu) with the new company.
  • Call the company I am working for to ask if they want me to bring them my resignation letter, or I can just fax it.
  • Send/take the resignation letter to the company I am working for.
  • If I have time, still on Tue, go to the city hall to bring some paper for a damage they did on my car with a traffic sign, to have a reimboursement.
  • Talk with my boss, here at the detached location I am working now, and say to him I am leaving in a month.
  • Buy orange juice (totally random, but I promised bf I'd do it)
I really hope I can get everything done tomorrow, since I took the day off work. Sign in the morning, fax the resignation letter, go to the city hall...

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