Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I didn't post yesterday... was too tired to do it!
I got a phone call in the morning, from a company I interviewed with in September. They offer me a 6 months contract, from April 'til September. The contract I have at my current position will expire in October. And If I accept the other job, I'd have to take a pay cut of almost 50%. Plus, the commute expenses would go up really a lot, since I have to drive there and back, there's no public transportation.

The only thing that makes me consider the offer, is that they can confirm me after the six months. May be. May be not. Plus, the job would be more in my field than the job I have now.

I really have no idea what to do... I am going to talk to them in a couple of hours (took the day off just for this), and see what are they offering.

I have been thinking about this all day yesterday... Can't wait to go and be done with it, whatever my final decision is!!!

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Leah_Leanna said...

Best wishes in making the right decision for yourself.


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