Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The magic of proportion.

I usually find Sally's posts at already pretty fun and sassy and inspiring and very very wise. But this one really hit home with me. It pretty much says what's important when choosing an outfit is to create some kind of shape, the one we prefer. She is partial to hourglass shape, but I love that what she emphasizes is shape and not thinness.

Some gems from her post, with my comments:

"Proportionate figures are attractive to me, and hourglasses are balanced and proportionate. I've gotten to a point where I really, truly don't see weight; I see proportion. The two women pictured above weigh different amounts and have very different body types. But they look equally amazing to me. And it's all because they are balanced and proportionate in their hourglass-highlighting dresses. The woman on the right is thinner, but she doesn't look BETTER to my eye. She just looks like a narrower version of the shape I find most pleasing. The woman on the left is heavier, but she doesn't look WORSE to my eye. She is perfectly balanced and flattered by her ensemble and looks like a total vixen."

I like her point of view. I am more and more convinced that fashion is strictly related to architecture, which means, proportions are fundamental. And I really think that the choice of fabric and color really depends on the architectural effect an outfits wants to convey, hence it all comes from proportion.

"We are told over and over by countless sources that thin is the goal. Thin is the ideal. Thin is beauty and sexuality and goodness. Thin, thin, thin, thin, THIN. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assert that proportional is a cut above. Forget starving yourself thin and see what you can do to proportionalize your physique. If the hourglass isn't your shape, find one that works for you. Figure out your figure, then balance your bod. And if it doesn't make you feel womanly, strong, gorgeous, and goddesslike to look perfectly proportioned, you let me know."

I really have nothing to add here. It's perfect and beautifully stated.

The sense of proportion is something I have always kept in mind when choosing what to wear. Even before I realized it, I know I had some "rules" that had something to do with it (I'll talk about it in another post...). And I find it very reassuring to be able to come back to a set of "rules" that help you look and feel your best, no matter what shape you have, or better, thank to the shape you have!

Chose a picture of the Michelangelo's David, for this post, as it is considered to respect the "ideal" proportion of the human body. Plus, it's just perfect!


Sal said...

Chiara, I'm so flattered that you found my post so inspiring! Thanks so much. And I completely agree that fashion and architecture are linked through their reliance on proportion.

Leah_Leanna said...

Glad you shared this...I enjoyed reading both your post and hers.


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