Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It never ends!

I learned today, that on April 22nd I'll have an exam for a public selection for another position I applied for.
So, I now have to start studying for that too, and ask for a half day off from my new job! I'll have to invent an excuse, because I can't really say - I am taking half day off to go to a selection for another position!
I feel like there are too many things happening one after another, and I can't never really relax!
Oh, well. I am going to see my niece today after work, so, yay!


Kelly said...

oh man. It sounds like you're going through the ringer lately!

chiara said...

Kelly - at least I feel lucky I have coices, job-wise. And don't feel too pressured to study, b/c I have another job. Not everybody is in this situation...


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