Thursday, March 12, 2009

About personal style...

I found this post I wrote in 2005 on a fashion forum "10 things about my style". It is really funny to read it today, and see how things have changed. Here it is, with my comments in italic.


1. The bag. No matter if big, small, simple or full of detail, expensive or cheap. It has to be fabulous and fit the outfit. I change my coat if I think it looks funny with the bag I have chosen. I love bags, but lately (thank god) I have found I discriminate more, and buy only after many thoughts. I still love bags, but I have come to a few reliable ones which fit most of what I have. Now I choose the bag around the outfit, and not vice-versa. And now I have the added requirement: that bag must be big, to contain all my normal stuff, my diary, and books if I have to teach after work).

2. Unless I am going out or I have a presentation in front of people, the shoes are low heel, often the work boot type (hey, there’s snow here! But I try to make the rest of the outfit nice) or low heel boots. Even during the summer, platforms or low heel. NEVER EVER flip flops. I guess I outgrew them… Still NO FLIP FLOPS! Only for the beach! But there is no snow in Rome,and I have discovered low-heeled shoes and ballet flats. I still wear mostly boots during winter, but I am not afraid of a nice pair of comfortable, heeled shoes. I have a couple I really love.

3. Shoes and bag have to match. Not necessarily the same color, but they must go nicely together. Same for gloves. Same thing now.

4. No miniskirts (I gave all mine to sister when I turned 30), but the skirt has to hit above the knee or be long-and long skirts with work boots is my fave! Still no minis, but in the winter I often wear an above-the-knee dress which I love, only with dark tights. And I still love long skirts with work boots, but unfortunately they are not appropriate for work...

5. The jeans: can be cheap or expensive, again, but must fit me well, since it’s my uniform most of the days. NOT, unfortunately. Still love them, but I don't find it advisable to wear them to the office... I have a very nice pair I bought last spring, but wear the only during the weekend.

6. I change my colors with the season, as my skin color changes (despite the sunscreen, I spend lots of time outside in the summer and become darker, while my hair gets lighter): black, black, black (and some colors here and there-but I love black on black, esp if the texture of the fabric is different), during the winter, burgundy, beige and, of course, black in summer. Never pink. Still do this. But now I wear pink too, sometimes, and some kind of pink only.

7. Dramatic makeup (dark dark eyes and nude or dark lips) in winter, natural in summer, no matter if it is day or night. And very very few people saw me without make-up. I now go for a more natural look in winter too.

8. Real gold jewelry or cheap plastic one (I am allergic too, too bad b/c I love little silver earrings). The real jewelry I own has a history or is related to something important in my life. I find that if I wear costume jewellery for a few hours I don't have allergic reaction, so now I wear whatever I like!

9. Coat has to be a great one. Possibly the most expensive thing of the outfit. Of course. Preferably a borrowed expensive one!

10. If it’s not comfortable, I don’t buy it, whatever it is. Before buying I ask myself if I can wear it for 10 hours and still love it. Of course!

What surprises me the most... is how much thought I put into dressing, and how stern I was in some statements (e.g. the pink rejection). May be I softened with age...
Overall, I am impressed!

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