Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am almost done deciding. I think I am gonna accept the position at the pharmaceutical company, and will participate in the selection for my current job whenever it will be held. I think an experience in a private company would be a great experience, and would look good on my resumé - I'll be able to take advantage of it to apply for jobs in other companies, should I need to.
The only thing that keeps me perplexed is the distance. Not the time (I spent one and a half hours to get back home today!) as much as the fact that I will have to drive... But I guess it's some thing I'll get used to .

Going to sleep over it now, and will call human resources at work tomorrow to ask for how much notice they need.



Kelly said...

Oh man, that's quite a commute. But you'll have time to think and listen to books on tape!

L said...

Sounds like a tough situation, but I'm glad you are happy with your choice. There are always trade-offs. I wish you luck with the new position!

Leah_Leanna said...

Good for you! And think of all the laptop blogging you could do while commuting! :)


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