Saturday, March 14, 2009


Welll... The source of my disappointment is that this morning I read the job-search announcements for my position. Basically, my contract expires in Oct. If I want to stay where I am now, doing the work I am doing, forever (which I do), I have to pass this selection.

Now the thing that disappoints me is that, when I read the evaluation criteria I saw that- THEY DO NOT CONSIDER MY PhD NOR MY PUBLICATIONS!!! Meaning, I'd be at the same level as someone who just graduated from his/her Master's.
Now, I have a PhD and about 10 pubs on international, well -known, scientific journals, AND THIS DOES NOT MEAN A THING!!!!!
I am going to ask the person who wrote the requirements, on Mon, to see if I can at least include the fact that I have a PhD in the certification.
And another thing I can do, since they want people to speak english, but give points if you speak either french or german, is to ask to be evaluated for french, and look for someone whom I can do some speaking in french in the meantime - I just need a quick refreshing course.

I know I'll partecipate to the selection and try to do my best, but the fact that my little accomplishments are not even looked at, it's really frustrating!

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Anonymous said...

is it really that they won't even be considered? Or just that they are above the minimum requirements? I cant imagine it not even mattering at all- that's insane!


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