Monday, February 2, 2009

Work woes... again!

On Friday we got the unofficial news that the director of our department had been changed. And today on our website there was the news, with the names of all new directors.
Not sure if it is a bad or a good thing yet.
What I know, is that the former director is the one that really pushed to have some new technical examiners (the five of us), so she was probably going to push for us to stay even when the contract would have expired (Oct 2009).
I don't think the new director is firing us, but maybe the chances of having our contract renewed in October are slimmer...
Our boss is in a meeting today, and tomorrow will come back with some news. Hopefully not too negative.

I hadn't counted on my October renewal, the thing that would really scare me now is if they got rid of us right now. Still, they really need us: simply by checking the progress it has been made since we are here, they can see it.

Oh, well...
I already know where I want to apply for a job once I am done here. May be I'll have to do a bit sooner, even if I really hope not.

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