Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine day!

Yesterday it was V-day.
For the last week or so, every time I'd mention I was going to make a cake for V-day, bf would say - but we don't celebrate V-day! If you want to make a cake, just make it.
But I wanted to say my cake was for Valentine's day, so I kept saying it. And yesterday I made it.
It's a very dense chocolate cake I made, and we had some friends over for dinner to celebrate V-day. Because, I really think it's just another good chance to be toghether with friends.

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to go take a walk near Piazza Navona to take some pics and take a look at the small shops there. I told bf if he didn't feel like coming, I'd just go alone and take the bus.
Surprisingly, he decided to come with me, and was very patient when I was going inside said small shops!
I found four-five consignment shops I didn't know they even existed. They have nice leather coats, and very good bags. Too bad I am on a shopping ban, but I am planning on going back there for spring/summer stuff.
After all, even if bf refused to say we were celebrating V-day, we had a really good time, so I really cannot complain!

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