Monday, February 9, 2009

Shopping ban time!

I have been spending a bit too much on shopping, lately. More than I had became used to, lately, mostly because before I got paid I had very little disposable money.
Her are my last buys:
  • A leather bag, blue color, from Benetton. It was 50% off, and since I had been eyeing it from the moment it got to the stores, I am really happy I bought it!
  • A pair of dark wash jeans. I got a nice deal on them, and paid 19 euros only. Finally, now I can wear jeans to the office: the ones I had before, all have a hole, from working in the lab, except for my Killah jeans, that are too casual for work.
  • A subscription to Hachette home, a home magazine I keep buying from the newsstand. I decided to suscribe, since it's cheaper, and I'd buy it anyway!
  • A pair of grey booties. It's my first pair, and I plan on wearing them with pants (I don't have the legs to wear booties+skirt!). They are gray, so I can wear them with jeans, black, brown or gray pants.

Although I am pretty happy about all these buys, I decided it's time for a shopping ban!

At least from now to Easter. Here are the rules!

  • Food is allowed (duh!)
  • Presents/gifts are allowed, of course
  • Replacement items are allowed too (I am thinking bath items and toiletry).
  • Theatre, cinema, exibitions, and the like are allowed.
  • Books? Yes!

Basically, I just need to stop buying clothes, shoes and bags. And some makeup items, such as nail polishes (I have a lot of them!). The idea would be to address my money on something more meaningful, since I really do not need anymore clothes!

Let's see how it goes... I feel if I make my resolution public, I'll stick better to it!

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