Saturday, February 7, 2009


Due to the disastrous status of the economy, here in Europe like in the States, I am continuously in search of ways to raise side money... I never know when I might lose my job!
I always have a part-time teaching job, but they are really bad with payments (always late and totally non reliable). I'd love to find some free-lance writing jobs, but it Italy it's like impossible.
And I am really self-conscious about english not being my first language, so I am shy about applying for free-lance writing jobs at US websites. Besides, I am really confused about what I can write about.
I am thinking of doing a list of possible topics. Let's see...
  • Science! That's what I have studied for. Plus, i am good at explaining science at every level, adapting the level of difficultyit to the audience.
  • Food. I love food and love experimenting with it...
  • Book reviews. Don't know why I hadn't thought of this earlier: I like to read (and to own books, too...)
  • Fashion. That'd require some work, since it's not exactly something I work with, but it's something I really love. Writing on this would would probably involve reading more about trends, runways, fashion blogs... it might even become fun!
I am gonna spend some more time thinking about this...

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