Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning thoughts...

I don't know why I am so pensive when I am on the bus. May be it's the nice view, the warm, fuzzy feeling, or the music I listen to...
This morning I had a thought about Middle Age, probably looking at the ancient walls of a nearby little town. And I thought. What would it have happened if I had been borne during the Middle Age?
Besides the obvious fact that I probably wouldn't have much left to live (I think life expectation was about 40...), what would I have been?
I probably a poor farmer, not even able to read, because most of the people couldn't read then, and I know I don't have noble ancestors.
I'd probably have spent my life working in the fields, having children, and not expecting anything more!

I consider myself a smart person, and I know that my degree and my accomplishments happened because I put an effort to obtain them. It was not easy.
But, what would I have been without the help of the favorable conditions we have nowadays, and of my family? I mean: it's not a given that I am given the possibility to study, move, do whatever I put my mind and my heart to, is it?

I think I should feel very lucky. And do. I am very grateful to all the chances life has donated to me.

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Leah_Leanna said...

How lovely it is to take stock of things and realize how lucky you are!


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