Saturday, February 7, 2009


I know there is such a thing as the Secret Society of List Addicts, and I often find it fun to read the entries. But I had never considered myself a "List Addict".
Then, a few moments ago, I found myself doing something I do every Saturday or Sunday: writing a list of outfits for the upcoming week. I spend some time doing this, as I have to consider what I have to do on any given day, whether I stay at my place or bf's place, whether or not I have to take the bus/motocycle. I also try to think of which necklace/bracelet/earrings/bag I'll use on a given day. It's insane, short of crazy.
Then, I reflected, I have long been writing lists. What I absolutely need to do tomorrow. What I have to take to bf's home for the next days. What I need to buy at the supermarket. What makeup i need to replace. And listen to this: before sales started, I made a list of what I needed. Something like: three skirts, one of which brownish, two tops, boots, one pair of pants... And I did stick to it!

So, i started reflecting: why do I love lists so much?
I really think that because I tend to feel overwhelmed very easily, lists help me keep grounded. Like, if I see what I have to do on paper, I can quantify it. It almost become real, and less intimidating.

I don't know if it's an addiction, if I need to talk to a psychologist,or of it's normal. But I do know that it halps me get things done... so it cannot be too bad, right?

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