Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've come along way!

Yesterday my mom brought to my place lots of things that belong to me and that I had left at her place. She's doing renovations, now, so she needs the space.
I went through all the stuff, this morning (it was a long task!) and throw away most of it. It was University notes, esp on chem, physics and math, music books (which I kept, mostly) and other objects, like a necklace with a big jade pendant, which I had forgotten about, and which a friend brought me from Taiwan (got to wear it sometimes).

Among the notes, I found a page with two lists. I think it was when the guy than later would become my boyfriend (and successively my ex) was giving me very mixed signals, so I put in two separate columns the "positive" signals and the "negative" signals (what a dork, I know!). Besides that, what really cought my attention was a sentence I had written at the bottom of the page and underlined. I remember it's something he said to me once. It was:

Shut up, because that'd be better for eveybody.

WHAT? How dare you?

I know that nowadays, I'd just cancel from my life everyone who'd say something similar to me! I can't believe I was feeling so bad because of him, at the point of making a list, and he was saying these things to me.

Well, after reading it, I don't feel so bad anymore that I broke up with him - as I have felt for years. He definitely deserved it.
Plus, I am so glad today I wouldn't allow anyone to say something like that to me!

/end rant

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Kelly said...

It's so bittersweet to see things from a long time ago. I found my grade school diary a while back, while moving out of my parents' house after college, and I just wanted to knock some sense into my former self, or give that little girl a big hug for the shit I put up with!


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