Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Embarassing moments...

On Mon I stayed home because I wasn't feeling well. At some point, in the afternoon, bf sent me a very sweet text. I couldn't reply immediately, as I was doing something else, but after I was done, I texted him back, something like "Me too, my love... C"
Couple of hours forward, he comes back home and says "did you read my message?" "yes, I replied too" "I didn't get anything!"
So I went to check my cell phone, and there was this text from my colleague, with whom I am pretty friendly. She wrote: "Thanks, but are you sure "my love" is for me?"
Basically, I had sent the message to the last number I had sent the previous one, and that was her, to say I wasn't going to work.
Thank God it went to her, and not my boss. That would have been much more embarrassing!
So now she keeps jocking like "Oh, you can tell me, we are intimate now, my love..."

This kind of mistakes is so... Chiara!


shiftingdullness said...

Hey lady, Feel better soon. Don't forget your other "love" is in NY so start texting!

L said...

:) I have done this too! It is embarrassing, but I think people understand.


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