Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week-end to-do list

May be I should separate what I NEED to do and what I WANT to do, but sometimes they coincide... so, here's the list.

Sat morning I need to:

  • call the seamstress and if she's available go bring some stuff to fix. May be this way I'll finally be able to wear my Banana Republic pants and skirt...

  • Go buy toilet paper and toothpaste, before I am completely out of them.

  • Go visit granma

  • Go buy bread

  • Clean the house, at least the floor

  • Do laundry

Good thing is I don't need to take the car to do any of this!

Sat afternoon - Sun:

  • Study for the EPO exam I'll take on Wed (PRIORITY!!!).

  • Prepare for the lecture to give on Wed (full day, this coming Wed, isn't it?)

  • Go to mom to give her back food boxes she lent me

  • Windowshopping!

  • See friends on Sat night (we don't really know where/when still, but it's pretty sure we are gonna meet them)

Of course the last two are WANTS, and the visit to granma too, but the rest is pretty much a NEED...

Now, if I just decided to get out of bed and start doing something...

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