Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I love Thursday!

Another Thursday, thank godness the week is almost gone...
Here's what I am loving today:
  • Little niece. She's 12 days old today. She's so small and frail. And she does cry only if she's hungry. I can't wait for her to grow a bit, so that I can spoil her with presents!
  • Sunshine. It's the second day in a row without clouds. I was missing the sun so much! And on the same theme...
  • Walks at lunch time. Yesterday after lunch I went with my colleagues to take a walk around here, in via del Tritone. It was only half hour, but it was really refreshing!
  • Random dinners out once in a while during the week. We (bf and I) went last week to a restaurant we had talked about trying for months, near his place. Food was excellent, desserts too, and since we don't eat out often, it felt like a real treat.
  • Anticipation! Yesterday I bought two theatre tickets for Feb 12th. May be we can organize dinner in some cute (and cheap) place before theatre, so we don't go home at all after work?
  • The bus I take home from my PT job: it passes by the Colosseum and the Pyramid. Bonus: it's not too full, so I enjoy the view while sitting!
What are you happy about?

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Leah_Leanna said...

My happ-ies:
1)my son is eating and ENJOYING vegetables for the first time in two years!
2)I put on makeup today and for a few minutes was actually happy with my appearance
3)I started my day with Dunkin'Donuts


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