Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I love Thursday

It's really hard for me today to find reasons to love the world... but here we go!
Today I am loving:

  • Progress and andvancement in medicine. And availability of medical care. We can go to hospitals, go out and buy antibiotics, go to the doctor and talk to him. It's not normal in other parts of the world. I feel very lucky to have all this possibilities available to me, even if I am used to this and don't appreciate it enough.
  • People who take care of me. Bf being the first who comes to my mind. He didn't think twice of going to buy me medicines and food, even if it was raining and he was on his bike. I can never thank him enough.
  • Amélie (the movie)! I saw some scenes last night (they were showing a TV re-run) and every time I see this movie, I realize how much beauty and magic we can find in our lives, as long as we are willing to see them.
  • Pistachio pesto, and the colleague who gifted it to me. I loved every bite of the pasta I made with it, and bf too. I could live on pesto for the rest of my life...
  • Buying new furniture and putting it in place. I spent last weekend just moving furniture and hanging pictures, and I am very satisfied with the results!
  • Planning for the future, in a way that is both dreamy and very practical. I love come up with possible scenarios, and study a way to make them real!

I did well, didn't I? Lots of love to everybody!!!

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Kelly said...

Aw, your BF sounds like a total sweetie!


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