Saturday, January 10, 2009

Product review: Rilastil aqua hydrating mask

Disclaimer: I DO NOT receive money for writing about this product. I found it interesting and thought I could write a review.

A sample of this hydrating mask was given to me by bf's sister, who works in a pharmacy. I checked online and saw that it is available also in the US (, but it is a not cheap at all (87$). The brand is pretty famous in italy, and by experience, I'd say their products are very good.

I started using it about three nights ago because my face was red, scaly and flacky due to a bad case of cold. It is called "mask", but feels more like a thick hydrating cream. The instructions say to put a layer on the face and let it stay between 5 and 15 minutes, than remove whatever was not absorbed. I left it about 15 minutes, and it got almost completely absorbed. My skin felt immediately softer and much less flacky.

Due to the very bad conditions of my skin, I have been using it for the last three nights. I put a thin layer only on the dry areas of my face, and it gets adsorbed almost completely. My skin has shown a huge improuvement, even though my cold is not gone yet: it's not red anymore, and it almost got as soft as it is in normal conditions.

Is it worth 87$? My answer is: yes!

Only a very thin layer is needed, and about 1-2 times a week. So I'd suppose the ful size tub would last for months (I haven't finished my sample, yet).

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