Wednesday, December 31, 2008

almost here...

2009 is almost here.
And of course, being the introvert cancer I am, I cannot avoid thinking about what has happened this year.

It has been a year full of events. Of hypothesis on the future. The announcement of sister's pregnancy is the perfect example of a thing started in 2008 and that with be accomplished in the coming year. But there are so many others...

I started this new job, after much struggle and delay. I love being here, and love the people I work with. I really hope to be confirmed in this position. But if not, working here I have come up with some new ideas on what to do with my life.

I left the old job and the ah of a boss I had there, and I couldn't be more glad I did it!

I have had so much trouble with bf... It didn't come out of nowhere, but it has been a long and difficult process to come out of that moment... We are both feeling better, now, and he is so sweet to me... Hope we come to a happy ending.

I have heard from my NY friend I hadn't talked to since I left the States... It was such a warm feeling to hear her voice...

Overall, I have learned that I am much stronger than I gave myself credit for. Bf often repeats, that I seem so frail, but then I always come out well from the worse situation and I am good at starting new things!

I am still thinking about what are my new year resolution - or better, new yaer goals. May be I'll come up with some before tonight...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Christmas!

I am extremely tired, since I have spent the last weekends walking around in Rome looking at stores.
I have to confess: I was not looking for gifts, because I took care of them pretty early, but I just felt like I couldn't miss the beauty of the city at this time of the year. I begged bf to come take a walk with me last saturday and the one before, after dinner. I had to see Piazza Navona, with all the decorations and full of people, Trastevere, Fontana di Trevi... I just love this city!
And I am not one of those people who get the christmas blues. I am happy to buy gifts for people I love and I care for, I can't wait to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with my family, including my cousin who lives in London and her sister who has been living in Venice 'til now.
I can't wait to see bf's face when I'll give him my present, a ticket to a concert at the Auditorium (an one for me, too!)
And can't wait to go to work tomorrow, and whish Merry Christmas to everybody.

I am so tired, and I can't wait for tomorrow to come!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thing I Love Thursday!!!!

It's Thursday, again! Already! Time for some happiness and love! And I should start doing this more regularly...
This thing I am loving...

  • Finding an email from my dearest friend A., who I met in NY and who still lives there. I really enjoy hearing what has happened to her lately, love the fact that she spent the night reading my blog after I gave her the link, and hope she can manage to do what she wants by next fall!!!
  • My colleagues. One of the two persons I share the office with, a guy, came back from his coffee break with a chocolate for each of us girls. And they are all so nice and helpful...
  • Buying a Christmas present for bf! It's a really good one, hope it will be a surprise for him, and hope he'll enjoy it.
  • Sunny weather in Rome. It's much easier to shop without rain, isn't it?
  • The smell of tangerines when I open them. For me, that's the smell of Christmas. Bonus point if I eat them by the fireplace at my parents', throwing the shell in the fire.
  • Granma who patiently re-thaught me how to knit. I had the yarn, the needles, so why not use them?
  • Life in general. I am so happy and restless right now, it's almost scary!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reason # 86149 why I love being back to Italy...

At least 3 days a week, I pass by the St. Peter's Cathedral on my way to work...

Monday, December 1, 2008


I can't believe it is December already!!! It feels like 2008 began yesterday. It went so fast, I feel like I missed a couple of months...

I really have to start buying presents. My sister was suggesting I don't buy any, because of the world (and my) difficult economic situation. But I think we gotta help the economy by not stopping buying things, plus we usually give each other one small gift, so none of us should break the bank...

I also want to think about new years resolutions, or better, new years goals. And about all I did this year, which was a lot.

On another front. It's incredible how a job you hate can make life miserable. I remember this time last year, when it was really hard for me to get up in the morning. And I had just started that job! And it just got worse with time.

Now that I have a new job, I can't really say I am happy to wake up early in the morning, but the idea of going to work is not dreadful anymore, it's almost pleasant!

Reason # 58206 why I love being back to Italy...

My dad buying me very good, rich, dark chocolate... and giving it to me on the sly!!!


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