Saturday, November 8, 2008

Job Update

I waited to have signed a contract and to have started before sending the word out, but I finally have a decent job!
It's the same I should have started in July, the only difference is this time is for one year instead of six months, then we'll see what they do of us.
Speaking of "us", we were supposed to be 25. They hired only five of the selected 25, instead.

The list is fun:

  • A chemist (that'd be me)
  • A biologist
  • An agronimist (don't even know if this word exists oin english, just made it up)
  • An aerospacial engineer
  • A telecommunication engineer

All of the seem very nice. We are two girls and three boys.

Among the perks of this job: it's in a very central area of rome, Via Veneto is down the street, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountains and Via del Corso at walking distance. With lots of stores in between, where I am gonna spend all my first check.

They'll send us around EU to take some classes on the subject too, but we don't know when yet.

I am pretty happy for now, let's see what happens in the future!


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