Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, here how it goes.
I reply to an ad. They were looking for a secretary, excellent english, excellent use of the computer, good standing, attitude to work in team and with customers. They ask to send a resumé with pic.
I send the resumé, the cover letter, etc. After about a week they reply to my email asking for things that are already written on my resumé. Things such as - address, phone number, birth date. So I think- these people are not even able to open attachments - but I reply again.
Then, yesterday evening, another email. They ask if I am available to work as the manager's personal assistant, I have to assure them that I am vey reserved, willing to travel for work both in Italy and abroad, willing to work in strict contact with the manager and do a trial perod to know each other better.
Ah, and - please send more pictures, both face and whole body.

WTF!!! What is this supposed to mean?
I am sick and tired of that. Of people calling me because I have sent my resumé, who ask where I live (it's written there) or what is my degree in(it's written there too) or if I have ever worked in that field (that is written there, also). What is a resumé for?
And then people offering apparently a nice job. I'd really like to go to the interview with the above guys, and take with me a friend of mine. Who is a policeman.

Doesna girl need a bodyguard to be safe while seeking a job???


RanaElizabeth said...

What the hell is the picture for? Is this just an Italian/European thing?

chiara said...

no, it's an a**hole thing. Even though, also some seripus people want pic.

Kelly said...

Are you sure you didn't accidentally send your resume to a whorehouse? ;-)

I've never heard of anything like that. Creepy!!


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