Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Up and down

I really hate this expression... but I have been on an emotional roller-coaster this last month.
I have found a job but is far from home, pays very little, and I am extremely overqualified for it.
But it's a job, nonetheless, and it's not like I have an alternative. So, I had to take it. Besides, people who work here are very nice, and I can take my ballet class for free. And teach music ed to a kid, which is always fun.
And - another of the job perks: I can turn my head and admire the perfection of one of the personal trainers at any time.

Yesterday I got the news that I owe the university 617 euros, for a mistake they made on payments. This is more than I am gonna earn this month. Besides, they didn't pay me for 2 weeks, in April, for some obscure bureaucratic reasons, and there's nothing I can do for this.
Did I mention - 600 euros really do make a difference for me now?

Boyfriend is extremely supportive. Incredibly suportive. Like the time he hug me at night, when I was crying. It's just that sometimes I think the whole situation is too much for me, and I can't take it anymore...

People from the job I should have started last July called me, finally. Looks like some things are moving, and may be sooner or later they might actually hire me. Today a girl from the place called me and asked for the place I was born and my "social security number" to put on the contract. So, I am hoping for the best- but not too much.

Sister is expecting a baby girl. But lately she hasn't felt well, so we all got very scared. Doctor said it's nothing to worry about, but she has to learn to stay at home and lay (not easy for her).

That's all for now. I'd love to go to theatre or to a concert, but money is very tight.
I know I have to concentrate on things I do have (including my apartment), but sometimes it's so hard, and I'd really like to just go out and go shopping.
Oh well...

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Kelly said...

ooo, free ballet classes! I've always wanted to take ballet. But I have no idea where a 22 year old finds a place to pick up where she left off when she was 6.


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